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The Weather Channel is now covering the potential upcoming storm:

This is the potential Sunday night storm I have been posting about, and now the Weather Channel is covering it. The images below and the following are from The Weather Channel:

There are two ingredients worth watching for this weekend that could spawn a significant East Coast storm. An incoming southward plunge of the jet stream from the Midwest. This is the same jet stream dip that will funnel bitterly cold arctic into the Midwest this weekend.

A developing low-pressure system off the Southeast coast.

There's good confidence that this general large-scale setup will be in place by late Saturday or early Sunday. What's uncertain at this time is how much interaction there will be between those two weather systems.

A greater interaction means there could be a more significant East Coast storm with snow, rain and wind in portions of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast sometime Sunday into Monday.

If these two weather features have a modest interaction or stay completely separate, then we could have a storm that is less impactful or one that stays completely offshore.

It's too early to nail down exactly what scenario will play out, so check back to for more specifics in the days ahead.

Keep in mind that even if a significant storm doesn't develop, there will still be a burst of at least lighter snowfall and gusty winds that accompanies the previously-mentioned jet stream dip in parts of the Midwest and Northeast this weekend.

Here's our latest forecast for what areas might see some snow, rain or a wintry mix on Sunday. Keep in mind that major changes are likely to this forecast over the next few days, but areas shaded below should at least be on alert that some snow is a possibility this weekend.

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