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Tropics are now crazy as we have Emily, Franklin, and Gert with Harold and Idalia coming soon!

- The Long Island forecast is below with the last hot day today with a chance of a late afternoon or evening shower from the cold front. Wednesday is the pick of the week with perfect weather! While it won't rain the entire time, some showers are possible at times from Thursday afternoon through Saturday, and then much cooler and less humid on Sunday with highs only in the mid 70's.

- Emily is nothing to worry about as it will stay out in the Atlantic well east of Bermuda.

- Gert will be extremely short-lived and will dissipate by tonight or tomorrow.

- Franklin will be around a while as it will cross Haiti/ Dominican Republic with flooding rain and tropical storm winds, and then eventually become a hurricane with some uncertainty as to how close to Bermuda it will come, but it needs to be watched closely.

- Harold will likely form tonight or tomorrow morning before making landfall in southern Texas and a Tropical Storm Watch or Warning will likely be issued today.

- Idalia will likely form in 2 or 3 days way out in the Atlantic and not be a concern.

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