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Troubling Trends Continue - Marco is now a Hurricane, but I am still more worried about Laura!

- First, for Long Island, I will be watching for the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon or early evening which could contain strong damaging wind gusts. I will update on that tomorrow and Tuesday.

- The new HWRF (2nd image) has Laura as a strong Cat 4 with landfall along the upper Texas coast. The HMON (3rd image) has it as a Cat 3 with landfall along the mid-Texas coast.

- The 1st image shows both storms, and Marco looks fairly impressive. It should still weaken a little just before landfall. Laura will likely be strengthening right up until landfall.

- For some reason, the brand-new Euro run has Laura as only a tropical storm making landfall in Louisiana.

- The 4th image shows the expected storm surge from Hurricane Marco.

- The 5th image shows the GFS ensembles.

- The 6th and 7th images show the NHC forecast maps for Marco and Laura, respectively.

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