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Update from the new Euro as tonight's snow shifts slightly north, and Saturday night looks messy!

- The new Euro run shifted the snow for late tonight into tomorrow morning a little farther north. It's still probably mostly 1 to 1.5 inches for Long Island, but let's see what the new NAM and HRRR show later.

- It's also showing the snow starting on Long Island around 6 PM on Saturday with up to a couple of inches before changing to some sleet and then a lot of ice (freezing rain) after 11 PM or so. It finally has it end as light rain mid to late morning on Sunday. Of course, there will still be shifts, but it looks like dangerous road conditions Saturday night!

- It then has the next storm on Tuesday start out as snow and change to sleet/ freezing rain, and then rain, but the track is still uncertain.

- My next post will probably be sometime between 5:30 and 6:00, but it's possible that I will have a really brief post around 4:15 if there are changes with the snow for late tonight.

- 1st to 3rd images: Maps from the Euro for 7 PM Saturday, 1 AM Sunday, and 7 AM Sunday

- 4th and 5th images: Maps from the Euro for Tuesday at 1 PM and 7 PM

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