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Update on Beta, Teddy, and Long Island:

Tropical Storm Beta has weakened somewhat overnight with maximum sustained winds down to 50 mph. Projected rainfall totals for the Texas coast are now mostly in the 4 to 8 inch range, although the National Hurricane Center continues to mention isolated totals up to 15 inches. Peak storm surge is still projected at 3 to 5 feet in and around Galveston Bay.

There is no change in the general forecast for Hurricane Teddy as it will pass east of Bermuda today as a powerful Cat 2 hurricane today with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph. It will then bend a little closer to the New England coast as it transitions into a powerful extratropical storm with a huge wind field (but lower peak winds) by the time it makes landfall in Nova Scotia Wednesday morning.

After Beta and Teddy are gone, it doesn't look like there will be any new tropical storms or hurricanes for the rest of the month.

Long Island:

- High surf, beach erosion, and beach flooding are likely today through tomorrow. There will be a high rip current risk through at least tomorrow.

Today: Mostly sunny with low humidity with highs mostly in the mid 60's.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny and breezy with low humidity with highs mostly around 70 degrees. The cloud shield from Hurricane Teddy may make it to eastern Suffolk.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and warmer with highs mostly in the mid to upper 70's. 

Thursday: Partly cloudy with highs mostly in the mid 70's.

Friday: Partly cloudy with highs mostly in the mid 70's. 

Saturday: Partly cloudy and a little more humid with highs mostly in the low 70's.

Sunday: Partly cloudy with increasing clouds possibly late in the day and more humid. There is some uncertainty in the timing of the arrival of rain. Highs mostly in the low to mid 70's.

- 1st image: Projected rainfall for the next 6 days from the Weather Prediction Center

- 2nd image: Maximum projected wind gusts in knots for the next 10 days from the Euro

- 3rd image: Maximum projected wind gusts for Long Island and southern New England through 8 PM Wednesday from the National Weather Service

- 4th and 5th images: Official forecast maps for Beta and Teddy from the National Hurricane Center

- 6th and 7th images (videos): IR satellite videos of Beta and Teddy, respectively

- 8th image: Projected temperatures for Long Island for the next 10 days from the National Weather Service model blend

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