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Update on Sally, Teddy, Vicky, and Long Island weather:

Hurricane Sally:

Sally has weakened somewhat from yesterday. Maximum sustained winds are now 85 mph. It is drifting very slowly to the WNW at around 2 mph. Some slight strengthening could still occur, but it's looking less likely due to stronger wind shear and cold-water upwelling due to the very slow movement. Due to the weak steering currents, there is still uncertainty in the landfall location, but it will probably be somewhere near the MS/AL border late tonight or tomorrow morning. 15 to 20 inches of total rainfall are expected along and to the right of the center, and there could be locally higher amounts of 25 to 30 inches! The maximum projected storm surge has decreased slightly to 6 to 9 feet, but it's still a life-threatening event.

Tropical Storm Teddy:

Teddy is expected to become a hurricane later today and major Cat 3 or possibly Cat 4 hurricane later this week. It will curve to the northwest and then north, and it should stay just east of Bermuda.

Tropical Storm Vicky:

Vicky actually strengthened to 50 mph maximum sustained winds, but it's still expected to weaken due to strong wind shear, and it doesn't pose a long-term threat to land.

Hurricane Paulette:

Paulette has 105 mph maximum sustained winds and is accelerating off to the northeast. It will eventually weaken and hook around back to the south-southeast as a tropical storm.

Invest 98L:

This tropical wave is off the coast of Africa, and it has a 70% chance of tropical development. If it becomes a tropical storm, the next name on the list is Wilfred, but there are 2 other areas that the NHC is monitoring that could be named first, but that looks unlikely.

Long Island forecast:

Today: Hazy sunshine (from high-altitude smoke from the wildfires out west) and cooler with very low humidity with highs only in the upper 60's!

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny with highs mostly in the low to mid 70's.

Thursday: Increasing clouds and humidity with highs mostly in the upper 70's. Some showers are possible late at night from a cold front.

Friday: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of a shower. Highs mostly in the low 70's.

Saturday: Partly cloudy and breezy with very low humidity with highs mostly in the mid 60's.

Sunday: Mostly sunny with very low humidity with highs mostly in the mid 60's. 

Monday: Mostly sunny with low humidity with highs mostly in the upper 60's.

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