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Update on the tropics:

The 1st image shows the Euro ensembles for the next 15 days, and you can see that we will have some action as we head towards the middle of September.

Nothing new with Tropical Depression Fifteen (see 1st video) as it will likely become Tropical Storm Nana tomorrow and head out to sea.

Invest 99L (2nd video) in the Caribbean is looking more organized, but there is still no closed circulation. However, a tropical depression is expected to form in the next couple of days as it is being given an 80% probability of development by the National Hurricane Center.

The system about to emerge off the coast of Africa has now been increased to a 30% probability of tropical development within the next 5 days. That percentage will probably continue to increase over the next few days.

After Nana, the next name on the list is Omar.

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