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Update on the tropics as Paulette has formed:

Tropical Depression Seventeen has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Paulette (1st image). It's not expected to become a hurricane, and it's not a threat to the United States.

Tropical Depression Eighteen (2nd image) will likely be upgraded to Tropical Storm Rene this afternoon, and it's expected to become a hurricane in a few days. It's also not expected to become a threat to the United States.

The system southwest of Bermuda is a sneaky one, and the NHC is giving it a 30% chance of tropical development. Some of the Euro ensembles are showing it as a possible threat to the southeast coast of the United States, but the odds are still low.

I am more worried about the system that is still over Africa, as the models are showing it should quickly become a tropical system soon after it emerges off the coast in a few days. It has the potential to track farther south and west, making it a potential long-term threat to the Caribbean islands and possibly the United States.

I will have more updates this afternoon and evening.

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