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Update on Tropical Storms Marco and Laura and Potential Effects For Long Island:

- Maximum sustained winds are 65 mph for Marco and 50 mph for Laura. Both are projected to reach hurricane status, but I'm more concerned about Laura since Marco is expected to weaken before landfall. There was a 71 mph wind gust in Puerto Rico. The video shows Tropical Storm Laura.

- The Euro has a double hit near New Orleans (3rd image). The Euro ensembles (2nd and 4th images) are split on taking Laura towards New Orleans or farther west towards Texas. If it stays farther south initially, it would be a stronger hurricane headed for Texas. Otherwise, it would head towards New Orleans, but it wouldn't be quite as strong, according to the Euro ensembles. The 5th image is the early 18Z track guidance.

- The National Hurricane Center is going to have to shift their track eastward for Marco. The 6th image shows the early 18Z track guidance.

- I think there is a good chance that Laura will become a Cat 2.

- Watching for potential effects (rain and wind) from the mid-Atlantic into the northeast next Friday/Saturday from the remnants of Laura and a frontal system coming down from Canada. However, there are still many possible outcomes.

- As we head into September, the next names on the list are Nana, Omar, Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, Vicky, and Wilfred.

- I will post the 5 PM update from the National Hurricane Center.

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