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Update on Tropics - After Beta and Teddy, we get a break in the action:

There's no change really in the forecast for Hurricane Teddy, which has maximum sustained winds of 120 mph (see previous post for more information). The key messages from the National Hurricane Center are posted in the 2nd image.

Tropical Storm Beta (60 mph maximum sustained winds) is encountering wind shear, and it will also be subject to dry air, so while the National Hurricane Center is still officially projecting it to become a hurricane, it doesn't seem likely. It should make landfall along the Texas coast with a storm surge of 2 to 4 feet and rainfall amounts mostly between 4 and 8 inches, but some locally higher amounts are possible.

Tropical Storm Wilfred isn't really worth mentioning as it's not a threat to land, and it will dissipate early next week.

After these storms are gone, there should be a significant reduction in tropical activity, but there will still be more tropical systems in October.


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