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We now have Paulette and Rene with Sally and Teddy on the way!

Tropical Storm Rene:

As expected, Tropical Depression Eighteen has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Rene. Rene is expected to become a hurricane on Wednesday or Thursday, but it's not a threat to the United States as it's expected to curve northward into the middle of the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Paulette:

The HWRF model is an outlier in showing it to become a strong hurricane, so it's being discounted for now, and the official forecast from the National Hurricane shows it strengthening to 60 mph on Wednesday and then maintaining that intensity into this weekend. There is a lot of uncertainty in the long-term track as some of the Euro ensemble members are starting to show it making more progress towards the United States.

Potential Sally and Teddy:

While we still have the area of disturbed weather off the southeast coast of the United States, it only has a 30% chance of tropical development. Two more strong waves will be emerging off the coast of Africa this week and into this weekend with a good chance for them to become tropical storms. The next 2 names on the list are Sally and Teddy.

- 1st image: Euro ensembles for the next 15 days

- 2nd image: Tropical Storm Rene

- 3rd image: Tropical Storm Paulette

- 4th image: Euro ensembles just for Tropical Storm Paulette

- 5th image (video): IR satellite video of the entire Atlantic basin

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