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We now have two Tropical Depressions, which will become Paulette and Rene. Long Island update too.


  • Both of the newly-formed tropical depression, which were Invest 92L and Invest 93L, are expected to become tropical storms today. The first to do so will be named Tropical Storm Paulette, and the second will be named Tropical Storm Rene.

  • Tropical Depression Seventeen is expected to become a strong tropical storm, but it's not expected to reach hurricane status as it will encounter strong wind shear later this week. While the long-term track is still uncertain, it's not expected to threaten the United States.

  • Tropical Depression Eighteen is expected to become a hurricane in a few days. The long-term track is unclear, but now a few more of the Euro ensembles are keeping it farther south rather than curving to the north and towards the middle of the Atlantic.

  • The next system, which will be coming off the coast of Africa this week will likely become Tropical Storm Sally if no other system forms before then. The system off the east coast has a slight chance of becoming a named storm.

Long Island:

Today (Labor Day): Sunny with low to moderate humidity with highs mostly in the low 80's, except cooler for the south shore and east end. The wind will be mostly out of the S to SSE at 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, a little warmer, and more humid with highs mostly in the low to mid 80's. 

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy and fairly humid with just a slight chance of a shower by late afternoon or evening. Highs mostly in the low 80's.

Thursday: Partly to mostly cloudy and humid with a 30% chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs mostly in the low 80's. A cold front will come through in the evening or at night with a chance of thunderstorms. 

Friday: Mostly sunny, cooler, and less humid with highs mostly in the mid to upper 70's.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with low humidity with highs mostly in the mid 70's.

- 1st image: Euro ensembles for the next 15 days

- 2nd image: From the National Hurricane Center

- 3rd and 4th images: Tropical Depression Seventeen and Tropical Depression Eighteen forecast maps from the National Hurricane Center

- 5th image: Projected temperatures for Long Island for the next 10 days from the National Weather Service model blend

- 6th image: Projected rainfall through 8 AM Saturday from the Weather Prediction Center

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