The My Personal Weatherman™ mobile app launched in 2020, and the My Personal Weatherman™ Facebook page now has more than 15,000 followers!

The main focus is on Long Island weather, but most of the maps cover the surrounding region as well. It also provides extensive coverage of all Atlantic basin tropical storms and hurricanes. As a result of providing more than just Long Island weather, My Personal Weatherman™ has added followers across many states in the northeast and also from Texas to Alabama and Florida up through the Carolinas and Virginia.  
My Personal Weatherman™ also provides fee-based personalized weather forecast updates emailed to you days in advance so you don't have to spend time checking sites, apps, or weather models, not to mention the sporadic and vague forecasts on the radio or local TV news. Nowadays, when everything is automated and intended for a mass market, you can now have your own personal weather forecast! These forecasts can cover any location within the United States and even other countries as well.  See the Services page of the website for pricing information.