Every day, the weather affects all of us, but there are certain times when you are truly dependent on the weather. Some examples are the following:
  • An outdoor birthday party for your child
  • A special occasion such as a wedding
  • An outdoor family gathering/ barbecue
  • Sporting events
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Weather-related flight delays
  • Snowstorms, thunderstorms, nor'easters, and hurricanes
My Personal Weatherman provides a free weather blog, but also fee-based personalized weather updates emailed to you days in advance so you don't have to spend time checking sites, apps, or weather models, not to mention the sporadic and vague forecasts on the radio or local TV news. Nowadays, when everything is automated and intended for a mass market, you can now have your own personal weather forecast!
Note: The fee-based personalized weather services can cover any location within the United States and even other countries, so please give us a try! The free weather blog presently tends to focus on Long Island, NY and the surrounding region, but it can expand to other areas of the country as the customer base increases in those regions. 


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