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3:45 update with confidence growing in increased snow amounts for Tuesday with the storm farther north and becoming stronger:

- Today we have the snow showers/squalls for the northeast, and I'll post more about that later this morning.

- Models are coming into better agreement with the storm for Tuesday being farther north and becoming stronger as it moves away. I have posted snow maps below from the Euro, Euro ensemble mean, National Weather Service (only through 7 PM Tuesday), and Model Blend, and I'll post plenty of updated snow maps throughout the day. Timing for Long Island generally looks like from around 1 AM Tuesday until maybe 7 PM or so. If the storm comes a little farther north, then there can be mixing issues for parts of Long Island towards southeastern MA.

- There is still the snow potential for Friday, and I have posted Euro ensembles maps in the 5th and 6th images. Plenty more to come on that.

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