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8 years ago today:

This is what I posted on my personal Facebook page 8 years ago today, which was 7 days before Sandy made landfall in NJ:

There is the potential of a massive east coast storm (almost a Perfect Storm type of scenario) for the Sunday (10/28) to Tuesday (10/30) timeframe. It is much too early to know any details. Here is the image from one computer model for Sunday morning.

From Accuweather..."Some things have to come together first before that kind of a forecast can truly be believed. However, if it is anywhere close to being correct, it would be a disastrous storm in many respects. For one thing, along the coast, there would be tremendous destruction from flooding to beach erosion, not to mention the winds that would arguably be of hurricane force and higher. Then there is the aspect of inland wind damage, the likelihood of power outages over a wide area, and tremendous rains that would lead to widespread flooding. And with that much cold air getting drawn into the circulation of the storm, there would no doubt be some crippling snows on the southwest side of the storm impacting the Appalachians and the Ohio Valley, perhaps even the Lakes, depending upon how far west the storm would go."

JMA model takes the trough and Sandy and merges them together into a blockbuster storm near Montauk, New York Sunday morning.

I will keep you all updated.

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