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After the Thursday night and Saturday systems, the end of next week looks interesting for the northeast:

  • Firstly, there were some impressive snowfall amounts from this storm in the tri-state area with some areas getting over a foot and with amounts up to 8 inches on Long Island. Here's a link to snowfall amounts:

  • As my previous post stated, we have the clipper bringing some accumulations north of Long Island Thursday night. I will post more about it, of course.

  • The Saturday system is starting to look more interesting as this system will be farther south and does have the potential to bring some snow to the northern Mid-Atlantic, including Long Island, and possibly southern New England if it comes a little farther north. I will also be watching this closely and posting about it.

  • The next chance though for a bigger, stronger northeast storm looks like the end of next week (around next Friday, February 23rd).

  • 1st and 2nd images: Late next week

  • 3rd image: This Thursday night

  • 4th image: This coming Saturday morning

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