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Brief 3:45 AM snow update with no changes really:

- The new Model Blend snow map for both storms combined (1st image) looks roughly the same, just a little farther south in southern New England with the 2-inch line.

- The 2nd image is the official NWS snowfall forecast through 7 PM Monday.

- I have included 3 images from the Euro for the 2nd storm. They are for the 6-hour periods ending 7 PM Wed, 1 AM Thurs, and 7 AM Thurs. It still looks like it's possible for a very brief period of front-end snow/sleet on Long Island if it comes in fast enough by late morning or around Noon on Wednesday with the best chance being in western Nassau, and even if it does happen, it would probably only last around 30 minutes, but I will fine-tune this in the next couple of days.

- It still looks colder around Feb 1st to 4th with a chance of a northeast snowstorm around then.

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