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Dry today, but a wet and windy washout weekend and rain may come north again next weekend:

***Ophelia will be named today as it heads towards North Carolina, and for Long Island... dry today, but a wet and windy washout weekend, and rain *may* come north again next weekend***

- You all know about the rainy and windy weekend ahead for Long Island in association with the potential tropical or subtropical storm Ophelia (it will very likely be named at 11 AM or 5 PM) that will head into North Carolina with wind gusts up to 65 or 70 mph along the coast and 3 to 7 inches of rain with locally major coastal flooding, and a threat of tornadoes as well. - For Long Island, I have included the 5-day forecast image below with the heaviest/steadiest rain and strongest wind for tomorrow, and there is even a slight chance of thunder. Wind gusts will mostly be up to 35 mph, but some peak gusts around 40 mph are possible. - The next potential hurricane out in the Atlantic looks a little more uncertain regarding its track as you can see in the ensembles map below. Hopefully it will curve north before nearing the northeastern Caribbean islands. - I have all included all of the rain, wind, and important National Hurricane Center maps below. - The models are starting to show rain moving slowly northward again for next weekend, but it's very early, so let's see how it evolves.

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