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***Good morning and welcome to a very hot Juneteenth in the northeast for areas away from the coast!***

- Heat index temperatures will be over 100 degrees for some areas (see 4th image) with very high humidity, but it will be much cooler for Long Island and southeastern New England with the breeze from the SSW (see 5th image).

- Thunderstorms generally a little farther south each day with them reaching Long Island Friday afternoon. The strongest storms look to be tomorrow and for mostly central areas of the northeast (see 6th image).

- We still have the system that will likely become Tropical Storm Alberto before making landfall in Mexico this evening with crazy amounts of rain up into southern Texas.

- 1st image: My Long Island forecast

- 2nd image: NYC forecast

- 3rd and 4th images: Highs for today and 2 PM heat index temps from the HRRR model

- 5th image: Wind gusts/direction at 5 PM today from the HRRR model

- 6th image: Severe thunderstorm potential for tomorrow into tomorrow night

- 7th and 8th images: Maps for the tropics

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