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Great weather ahead and then hot, but Idalia may eventually come back to northeast and...

... watching for a potential major hurricane!

- High cirrus clouds today from Idalia, but really nice with low humidity, although it will be breezy, and then tomorrow is probably one of the best weather days of the year with blue skies and a light breeze with low humidity with highs mostly in the mid 70's.

- Great weather continues this weekend, but warmer and more humid for Sunday, and then basically hot and humid for Labor Day and Tuesday with dry weather and warm conditions continuing for Wednesday and Thursday, and you can see the 7-day rainfall map below.

- Idalia may eventually make its way close to the northeast next Friday/Saturday, but we'll see, and it's nothing to worry about right now.

- Then we have the system that will come off the coast of Africa tomorrow with a really good chance to become a long-tracked hurricane and most likely a major hurricane! Jose just formed way out in the Atlantic and is of no concern, so this future hurricane will be Katia or Lee, depending on if the system in the eastern Atlantic now gets named Katia first. The National Hurricane Center hasn't highlighted it yet, but I'd be surprised if they don't add it to their map today or tonight. You can see the Euro ensembles 10-day map below with it generally heading WNW and then NW. It has a pretty good chance of curving northward before getting near the United States, but everything is still possible at this point, so stay tuned, but it's nothing at all to worry about right now.

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