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***Happy Flag Day! The main stories are the strong thunderstorms and the extended northeast heat wave with a beautiful week in between!***

- A line of strong thunderstorms may make it to Long Island by mid-afternoon, and if it does, the evening thunderstorms likely won't be as strong as previously expected. Really just have to watch the radar this afternoon.

- You all know about the beautiful weekend with low humidity.

- The heat and humidity build on Tuesday/Wednesday all the way into northern areas of the northeast and it eventually spreads even into Long Island and southeastern New England with the peak for those areas being from Thursday to Saturday.

- We still have the best chance for Alberto to form in the southwestern Gulf early to mid next week. Check out the 10-day rainfall map below with insane amounts of rain in the western to central Gulf.

- I'll have more updates this morning.

- 2nd image: My Long Island forecast

- 3rd image: Severe weather potential for today into tonight

- 4th image: NYC forecast

- 5th and 6th images: Future radar for 3 PM and 7 PM, but these will never be exact

- 7th image: 10-day rainfall map from the Model Blend

- 8th and 9th images: Maps for the tropics

- 10th image: Long Island temps for the next 15 days

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