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***Models all come in colder with at least some snow for Long Island! This is why I was showing the uncertainty last night to leave the door open for this. It will still shift, so stay tuned!***

- The Euro now has the majority of the storm as snow for most of Long Island, but it's still a very close call. Most of the rest of the models are kind of mixed with both rain and snow for Long Island.

- The timing is still mostly around early evening into Sunday afternoon for Long Island.

- I have already posted many times about the big storm for next Tues/Wed, and I will continue to watch it and post about it. No big changes so far with it.

- Colder air still looks like it will arrive in the middle of the month and there will be a potential storm, so we will see.

- The 1st image is from the Euro and then the 2nd to 8th images are the snow maps from the Euro, GFS, Canadian, Euro ensembles part 1, Euro ensembles part 2, Euro ensemble mean, and Model Blend.

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