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Storm with rain/wind and eventually mountain snow in progress, a very chilly and still windy Saturday ahead, nice Sunday until the approaching rain late and then a beautiful and very mild...

... Monday and Tuesday, but cooler by next weekend and early the following week***

- Occasional heavier showers and gusty winds are in progress, but conditions will improve and there will even be some partial sunshine on Long Island later this afternoon, but overall the wind will continue into tomorrow evening. Noticeably chilly and windy tomorrow and there could be some light scattered showers.

- The models continue to show rain changing to snow in the mountains tonight into late tomorrow night.

- Sunday starts off really nice, but a fast-moving system will bring some late rain.

- Monday and Tuesday look awesome with some clouds approaching late on Tuesday.

- Some showers are possible around Wednesday and then again maybe next Friday with a strong cold front, and that will lead to much cooler weather for next weekend and early the following week.

- 1st image: My 5 day forecast for Long Island

- 2nd image: Long Island temperatures for the next 2 weeks from the Euro ensembles

- 3rd image: HRRR snow map through 2 AM Sunday showing the potential for some mountain snow with more snow in northern areas possible after 2 AM Sunday. The National Weather Service shows less snow than this though.

- 4th to 6th images: Future radar maps from the NAM for 9 AM today, 8 PM today, and 4 PM tomorrow

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