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***Update on all of the storms***

***Update on the storms with cold air coming - the rain/wind storm for most tomorrow night into Saturday morning, the potential for snow for some areas on Tuesday into Tuesday night, and then the potential for a major snowstorm for some areas of the northeast (possibly farther north) Jan 19th/20th as the Euro has an insane 945 mb storm (even though that won't happen)***

- You all know about the rain/wind storm with snow changing to rain farther north tomorrow night into Saturday morning. Generally 1 to 2 inches of rain for some areas with max wind gusts mostly in the 45 to 55 mph range for the coast and higher elevations. I've included the snow map below. For Long Island, the rain is mostly from 9 PM tomorrow to 8 AM Saturday, and the rain will be heavy at times with a chance of thunder. Also, moderate to possibly locally major coastal flooding. - Cold air comes in behind the storm on Saturday and sticks around all of next week. - The models are generally farther southeast with the snow for Tuesday into Tuesday night, but there is plenty of time to watch for shifts. I have included maps from the Euro and Euro ensembles for Tuesday evening to show the range of potential outcomes. I will be posting the Model Blend snow map this morning. - The ingredients will be there for a potentially major storm for some areas of the northeast on Jan 19th/20th, so stay tuned.

- 1st image: My 5 day forecast for Long Island - 2nd image: Map from the Euro for 1 AM Saturday - 3rd image: Max wind gusts from the National Weather Service - 4th image: National Weather Service snow map for this weekend - 5th image: Map from the Euro for Tuesday night - 6th and 7th images: Maps from the Euro ensembles for Tuesday evening

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