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Update on everything!

***Hot and humid weather continues, showers and thunderstorms initially well north and west (4 rainfall maps included) and eventually for the coast, HOT weather returns early next week, and nothing in the tropics for at least the next 15 days!***

- Any showers and thunderstorms to the north and west today and tomorrow basically with heat and humidity continuing. A line of weakening thunderstorms likely works its way through Long Island overnight tomorrow night into early Thursday morning with some showers, but basically most of today, tomorrow, and Thursday should be dry. Cool for the south shore and east end with a sea breeze in the afternoon, especially tomorrow.

- A period of showers and thunderstorms with some downpours from the Mid-Atlantic coast up into Long Island and southern New England for Friday into Saturday morning.

- Hot on Sunday into Tuesday or Wednesday next week and becoming very humid again.

- 1st image: My Long Island forecast

- 2nd image: NYC forecast

- 3rd image: Heat index at 2 PM today from the HRRR model

- 4th image: Severe thunderstorm potential for tomorrow into tomorrow night

- 5th to 8th images: Rainfall maps through Saturday from the Weather Prediction Center, Model Blend, Euro, and Euro ensemble mean

- 9th image: Long Island temps

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