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Update on the Long Island forecast, upcoming rain, and Philippe with an uncertain track:

***Warm and dry days for now, but rainfall amounts increasing as it won't just be a cold front passage, but a storm may form and may actually help draw Philippe towards Nova Scotia or Newfoundland***

- Hazy sunshine today and tomorrow as the warm and dry weather continues through Thursday with tomorrow and Wednesday being the warmest days.

- There may be a shower Friday afternoon, but the main period of rain for Long Island looks to be on Saturday into Saturday night, but the exact timing is still a little uncertain. With an area of low pressure likely to form along the cold front, there is the potential for 1 to 2 inches of rain. Of course, I will be posting more about it.

- While Philippe will finally be heading northward and will pass east of Bermuda as a hurricane, there's a chance it may get drawn towards Atlantic Canada (see Euro ensembles map below).

- The corrected version of the app was re-submitted to both Apple and Google on Friday, so hopefully I will get an update today.

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