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Update on the rain and the tropics with a lot going on!!

- I'll probably post a future radar video later this morning, but I have included the future radar for 9 AM tomorrow from the NAM model below and also the rainfall map through Saturday morning (last image). The Long Island forecast is also shown below with most of the rain being later tonight through tomorrow morning with also a chance for a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow evening/night.

- The weekend basically looks good for Long Island and it will be much warmer on Saturday.

- Rain probably for Monday night into Tuesday as Hurricane Franklin stays well offshore.

- No changes really to Franklin as it will become a powerful offshore hurricane passing inside (west) of Bermuda before curving back out to sea.

- Emily is probably going to come back to life and stay out in the Atlantic.

- There will probably also be another hurricane out in the Atlantic from the system in orange on the right in the 2nd image, but the main story will be the potential for a tropical storm or hurricane to come up from the southwestern Caribbean into the eastern Gulf possibly towards the Florida Panhandle or northwest/west coast of Florida early next week (see the Euro ensembles map in the 4th image). It could also possibly skirt the GA/SC/NC coast after crossing Florida and then head northeast out to sea and most likely not threaten the northeast. Stay tuned for many updates on this potential tropical system.

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