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Update on the return of the rain, the warm and dry weather to follow, and the tropics:

***A couple of dry days before the rain returns, but amazing weather with warmth starts Sunday! Also, Philippe is dying, but Rina to be named soon.***

- After 4 wet days, it will be nice to have dry roads and some sun today with highs into the 60's on Long Island after a chilly start. More clouds then tomorrow, but any rain would likely hold off until after midnight tomorrow night. - It looks like a rainy and breezy Friday with the potential for 1 to 2 inches of rain, but there is still some uncertainty, and I have included the rainfall maps below. - As for Saturday, it's still uncertain as to exactly when the rain pulls away, but the rain will probably end early Saturday morning on Long Island. The Euro has the rain linger into Saturday afternoon in eastern MA, but let's see how it evolves, so stay tuned. - Philippe is struggling to stay alive due to strong wind shear, but Invest 91L will likely become a Tropical Depression today and then be named Rina with a chance for it to become a hurricane and curve northward. I have included the 10-day Euro ensembles map below, and you can see there is a wide spread of solutions as to exactly where it curves northward, but it should be east of Bermuda.

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