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Update on tropics and the Long Island forecast with some amazing days between the rainy days:

- Well, it will be a rainy day today with some pockets of moderate to heavy rain with the highest totals east. Then we have 4 amazing days from Tuesday to Friday with sunshine and low humidity, although clouds will start to increase on Friday. - The rain will be advancing northward and arrive sometime on Saturday for Long Island with periods of rain continuing into early next week. - The 10-day rainfall map below includes the rain for today and you can see the impressive rainfall totals for the east coast and especially just offshore! - As for the tropics, I have included the 10-day Euro ensembles map below. You can actually still see Lee and Margot, and of course Nigel, which will safely re-curve out to sea before getting anywhere near Bermuda. Then you can see future Ophelia in the eastern Atlantic with it having a good chance of curving northward before getting near Bermuda. The system off the southeast coast only has a low chance of acquiring some subtropical characteristics before moving inland and heading northward.

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