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1938 Long Island Express:

84 years ago today, one of the most destructive and powerful hurricanes in recorded history struck Long Island and Southern New England.

- Known as the Long Island Express or Great New England Hurricane of 1938. - The storm hit Long Island and Southern Connecticut on September 21, moving at a forward speed of 47 mph! - Landfall near Bellport, NY sometime between 2:10 and 2:40 pm EST as a Category 3 with an approx. pressure of 27.79 in (941 mb) and a 120 mph maximum sustained wind. - Deaths: 700 - Trees Destroyed: Approx. 2 Billion - Peak Storm Surge: 17 ft. above normal high tide (Rhode Island) - Estimated Lowest Pressure: 27.79 in (941 mb). - Max Recorded Wind Gust: 186 mph at Blue Hill Observatory, MA. - Highest Sustained Wind Measurement not Influenced by Terrain: 109 mph at Fishers Island, NY. - An estimated storm tide of 15ft. across eastern Long Island. 8' MLLW was record at Port Jefferson. - The storm surge in Western Long Island Sound was 5 1/2 hrs AFTER landfall. - Ten new inlets formed from the storm from Fire Island to East Hampton. The most notable was Shinnecock Inlet. A few others have since been filled by artificial means. - Montauk was an island temporarily. - Daily News Bldg: 90 mph (500 ft.) - Empire State Bldg: est.120 mph (1250 ft.) - Battery: 70 mph with 80 mph gust (30 ft.)

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