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Hurricane Ophelia on Track Towards Western Ireland and the Weather for the American League Champions

Hurricane Ophelia continues on a track towards the west coast of Ireland. It will weaken before it gets there to a Tropical Storm or Post-Tropical Storm, but it will bring hurricane-force wind gusts to western Ireland on Monday.

A cold front will come through Long Island late Sunday night, and it will bring much cooler and less humid weather for the early to middle part of next week. The weather for looks great for Games 3, 4, and 5 (if necessary) at Yankee Stadium on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Game 3 is Monday night at 8 PM and temps will start in the upper 50's and drop to the low 50's by the end of the game. Game times have not been announced yet for Games 4 and 5, but one of them will probably be a 4 PM start time. Either way, the weather will be dry and cool for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The following image shows the projected path of Hurricane Ophelia:

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