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A Look at Hurricane Lorenzo and Long Island Weather

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- Hurricane Lorenzo has 105 mph sustained winds and hurricane watches are in effect for the Azores. It's looking more likely that Lorenzo won't directly affect Ireland.

- While there are a few areas to watch in the tropics, there's nothing major to worry about.

- It still looks very warm on Wednesday for Long Island with highs in the mid 80's. A cold front will be coming down from the north Wednesday night with some showers and a wave of low pressure will bring some rain on Thursday as well. Everything should clear out Friday morning, and it looks like a beautiful weekend with high pressure in control and below normal temperatures, especially on Saturday. The weather looks great for Games 1 and 2 of the Division Series against the Twins at Yankee Stadium this weekend.

- There may be some snow in the higher elevations of Maine Thursday night into Friday morning.

- I'm watching for the potential for a heavy rain event next Tuesday/Wednesday (October 8th/9th) for Long Island and the northeast. It's too early for specifics though.

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