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3:50 AM post on the next 3 "events" and a look ahead at the temperatures:

- The cold front coming through the northeast on Sunday will be legit! It will become really windy with snow showers/squalls, and the temperatures and wind chills will drop RAPIDLY immediately behind the front. You will absolutely feel it as it will be frigid by late afternoon. The 1st image is for 1 PM Sunday, and the 2nd image is the wind chills for 1 AM Monday, but wind chills will be fairly close to that even by 7 PM. - The Tuesday system looks like it will stay weak and farther southeast, so it looks like a period of light to moderate snow. The 3rd image is from the Euro. I'll post the Model Blend snow map sometime this morning. The latest has 3 inches for Long Island, but it should trend lower. - It will be cold all week and then attention that turns to the potential storm for Friday into early Saturday. Stay tuned! - Temperatures look to become milder the week of January 22nd before colder air returns around the end of the month and for most of February. The last image shows Model Blend temps for Long Island for the next 10 days.

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