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9/11 and the latest on 120 mph Cat 3 Hurricane Lee as it's slowly coming into focus:

- On this day that shall never be forgotten, we remember the innocent lives that were lost. The world changed that day, and the renewed sense of patriotism brought us all together. For those of us that lived through it, we have so many memories of that day and the weeks and months that followed.

- Hurricane Lee is a 120 mph Cat 3 with a minimum central pressure of 950 mb, and it should become a minimal Cat 4 today, but then weakening will begin tomorrow night, and it should steadily weaken as it heads northward and encounters more wind shear and cooler waters, although the size of the wind field will expand. While the exact track remains uncertain, it will probably hook a little and come fairly close to Cape Cod and quickly weaken from a minimal Cat 1 to a tropical storm, and the timing is basically on Saturday. I have included many maps below to give you the idea, including the wind maps from the Euro and GFS in knots (multiply by 1.15 to convert to mph). I'm not going to speculate on storm surge, and I will post those maps when they come out from the National Hurricane Center. As for Long Island, the best chance for tropical storm conditions, although still a low chance, is in eastern Suffolk. In the meantime, Thursday and Friday will be beautiful with low humidity (see last image for the 5-day forecast for Long Island).

- Many more updates to come today into tonight!

- Of course, I'll also be watching future Hurricane Nigel, but right now, none of the Euro ensemble members have it get near the east coast of the United States.

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