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A hot week and the latest maps for future Hurricane Lee (and Margot will for also):

- Hot this week with moderate to high humidity and then very humid Friday and Saturday with some showers and thunderstorms possible at times.

- It will still be a few more days for Lee to form, but it looks like it will become a very strong and likely major hurricane! All 4 high-resolution hurricane models and the Euro and most Euro ensemble members are showing it becoming an impressive hurricane! The last 2 images are from the HWRF and HAFS-B hurricane models for 2 AM Friday. You can see the tracks below from the Euro ensembles. Hopefully it will just miss the northeast Caribbean islands, and then a curve to the north looks likely, and Bermuda needs to keep a very close eye on it.

- Margot will also likely form behind it and curve north very early and be of no concern.

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