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All of the latest maps for Hurricane Lee, the Long Island forecast, and the ensembles map:

- Hurricane Lee is a very large and powerful storm with 100 mph maximum sustained winds and a minimum central pressure of 953 mb. Gradual weakening of the max winds will continue, but the wind field is massive. Only fine-tuning remains now as things are pretty locked in with the track, and I have included the rain, wind, and storm surge maps below with many more posts to come.

- I have also included my 5-day forecast graphic below for Long Island.

- I will also post future radar videos today to show the timing.

- It looks like my app is temporarily down as a re-launch is coming soon, but I am trying to find out what's going on. I am sorry for the inconvenience

- The Euro ensembles map shows a very good chance that future Hurricane Nigel won't make it near the east coast of the United States, and hopefully it will stay a little east of Bermuda, but it could be a close call! Ophelia will then be next as the ensembles map shows.

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