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At least 36 dead in Maui from wildfires, rainfall amounts lowered here, and watching the tropics:

- Heartbreaking to see so many fatalities from the Maui wildfires as 36 people have been confirmed killed in the raging wildfires that decimated entire Maui communities and all but leveled historic Lahaina town, and authorities fear that number could rise as emergency responders slowly move into fire-ravaged areas. The 2nd and 3rd images show the before and after images of the Lahaina Banyan Court area. The before image is from June 25, 2023 and the after is from August 9, 2023.

- Rainfall amounts have generally been decreased for the system bringing showers and possibly a thunderstorm to Long Island today. There is still a very slight tornado threat for the eastern half of Suffolk, but it's not really anything to be overly worried about. The timing is still mostly early afternoon through late evening, and there can still be localized areas of heavy downpours as the new HRRR and NAM runs are showing, so some areas can still get more than an inch of rain. The 6th to 8th images are the rainfall maps from the WPC, HRRR, and NAM. I will probably post a new future radar video later this morning.

- The 5th image shows the Euro ensembles as the tropics will become more active starting late next week.

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