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Brief 3:45 AM post with the Long Island forecast and some maps/images:

- Watch for changeable skies this afternoon and evening with scattered thunderstorms with brief heavy rain and gusty winds with the potential for hail with very cold air aloft.

- Rain and snow showers are then possible for Sunday afternoon/evening as a cold front moves through. The HRRR is showing the potential for snow squalls (see last image)

- 1st image: My 5 day outlook for Long Island

- 2nd image: Projected temperatures for the next 10 days from the NWS Model Blend

- 3rd image: 10-day snow map from the NWS Model Blend

- 4th to 6th images: Future radar from the HRRR model for 1 PM, 4 PM, and 10 PM

- 7th image: Future radar from the HRRR model for 4 PM tomorrow

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