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Brief 4 AM update on the storm for next weekend with rain a near-certainty for Long Island:

- Not only did the new Euro run show all rain for Long Island, it showed over 5 inches of rain with temps in the mid to upper 50s with rain from Friday night into Tuesday, LOL, but I'm not saying that will happen. However, even the Model Blend has almost 2.5 inches of rain for Long Island (3rd image).

- It's not even a good look for snow in the interior when looking at the Euro ensemble mean (1st image) as there's just not enough cold air to work with, so you will probably have to be at high elevation to have a better chance.

- Remember, we still have the very light event for Monday morning on Long Island with some snow showers possibly starting around 4 AM and mixing with and changing to rain showers before ending maybe around 10 AM, but I will fine-tune this later today or tonight as we will be on the very northern fringe.

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