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Disappointing news as I was in discussions with EarthCam...

So, I was trying to add a few new sections in the app which would take you directly to EarthCam live streams from places such as this view of NYC and others like Montauk, etc. I contacted EarthCam and filled out their online licensing agreement and it made it seem like it would be free. I was then contacted by them, and they said we can work out a licensing fee. I explained that this is a small app and not a big corporation. I was willing to give them 5% of the profits from the app on a monthly basis. However, they wanted to charge an exorbitant fee of $15,000 per year to use 5 of their live stream links. I then explained that the app is nowhere near the level to pay that kind of fee, and I thanked them for their time.

At least I tried, LOL. They did say I can use all of the still images that I want with no fee as long as the EarthCam logo is not obscured or blocked out in the images, so here is sunrise over NYC:

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