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***Don't get distracted by the potential snow showers today as the real story is going to be...

... early next week with a complex storm scenario as the 2nd storm may be a snowstorm for some areas!***

- Wintry feel with windy and cold weather with some snow showers/squalls in the northeast today, and there will be heavy Lake Effect snow, of course. The HRRR continues to show a band of snow showers for Long Island early to mid-afternoon, but the NAM is much less bullish on it. - Thursday is still the pick of the week before some showers Friday afternoon/evening for Long Island. - Very complex setup for early next week, but likely 2 storms with the first bringing mostly rain Sunday into early Monday, and then there is the potential for a 2nd storm for around Tuesday, which would be stronger and could bring snow. The best chance is inland, of course, but everything is still on the table. You know I have been mentioning that period around December 5th for a while now, so stay tuned! I might post the 10-day snow maps from all 50 Euro ensemble members in a couple of hours or so.

- 1st image: My 5 day forecast for Long Island - 2nd image: Future radar for 2 PM today from the HRRR model - 3rd and 4th images: 10-day precipitation and snow maps from the Model Blend - 5th and 6th images: Euro and GFS for early next week - 7th image: Projected storm locations and strengths for late Monday night next week from the Euro ensembles

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