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***Dreary weather ahead with not much sun this week with a warming trend and then some relatively colder air and watching the potential storm for Sunday into Monday which could bring snow to...

... parts of the northeast***

- We have the weak system for tomorrow into Wednesday with some snow north of Long Island and showers for Long Island. The 2nd image is the National Weather Service snow map. - A 2nd wave of rain for Thursday into Friday morning with much milder air. - Colder air arrives on Sunday as a storm system comes up the coast from the south. The track will be offshore and there is a chance of accumulating snow in the northeast with the best chance being north of Long Island away from the coast, but it needs to be watched. The Euro run has some sleet and snow for Long Island and so do around 25% of its ensemble members. Obviously, rain is the most likely scenario because I know some of you are going to comment and just say rain, LOL.

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