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Euro and some of its ensembles much closer to the coast than most models and NHC track:

- Hurricane Lee is still a 115 mph, 948 mb Cat 3, but the weakening process will begin tomorrow night as it heads northward. However, the wind field will continue to expand with a huge area of tropical storm-force winds as it gets farther north.

- While most models are well east of Cape Cod, some of the high-resolution hurricane models and notably the Euro and a good portion of its ensemble members are much closer to Cape Cod, so stay tuned! The National Hurricane Center did nudge the track westward later in the period, but they don't seem to be buying into the Euro at all. Many more updates to come today into tonight!

- The Euro ensembles 10-day map below also shows future Hurricane Nigel, and hopefully it will re-curve before getting near Bermuda.

- The Long Island forecast is shown in the last image, but tomorrow into tomorrow evening there will be some heavy showers and thunderstorms as the front moves through before the beautiful low-humidity weather for Thursday and Friday.

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