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Euro ensembles for early next week still looking impressive! More to come on Fri night system:

- I will have more to come on the Friday night system as we are getting within partial range of the NAM, and it's showing rain changing to snow Friday night. I will post the updated National Weather Service snow map.

- You can see in the images below that the Euro ensembles for early next week are still really impressive with the potential for a bomb cyclone type of storm with a possible pivot/stall. Track will be everything though and also just how strong it can get and how much cold air it can draw in.

- The 2nd image is the snow map from the ensemble mean, and it also includes the snow from the late-week system.

- The maps for early Tuesday morning from the ensemble members are shown in the 3rd and 4th images, and then I have included the 8-day snow maps from every Euro ensemble member.

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