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***Even though the models aren't really showing the 2nd storm for Monday night into Tuesday night...

...I'm not convinced yet!***

- Another cold day today, a nice day tomorrow, some showers Friday afternoon/evening for Long Island, and then a weak system going north of Long Island on Saturday. - Then things get a little uncertain, but some rain Sunday into early Monday, and then most models keep Monday night into Tuesday night dry, but I'm not convinced yet that there won't be a storm. A decent amount of Euro ensemble members still have a storm (see 4th image) that could bring snow to parts of New England, so stay tuned. Maybe I'll post the snow maps from the 50 Euro ensemble members in a few hours.

- 1st image: My 5 day forecast for Long Island - 2nd image: Projected temperatures for Long Island from the Euro ensembles - 3rd image: Map from the Euro for 1 AM Monday - 4th image: Projected storm locations/strengths at 1 AM Tuesday from the Euro ensembles - 5th and 6th images: 7-day maps for snow and precipitation from the Model Blend

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