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The Euro upgrade, which I posted about in February, is now live!

- The horizontal resolution of the medium-range ensemble (ENS) increase from 18 to 9 km. This brings the ENS to the same horizontal resolution as the high resolution forecast (HRES). The vertical resolution for both ENS and HRESremains at 137 model levels and the ENS continues to have 51 members.

- Cycle 48r1 also brings a major upgrade to the configuration of the extended-range ensemble (ENS extended): Rather than being an extension of the medium-range forecasts starting twice a week at day 15, it is now a completely separate system, running daily from 00 UTC out to day 46 with 101 members. Over the entire forecast range the resolution will remain unchanged at 36 km horizontally and 137 model levels.

Meteorological content: - Improved water and energy conservation (dynamics and physics) - Radiatively interactive prognostic ozone using new HLO scheme - Multi-level snow scheme - New precipitation category - freezing drizzle - Revised climate fields – improved orographic fields for atmospheric drag - Revised computation of Semi-Lagrangian advection departure points - New model top sponge layer formulation and semi-Lagrangian vertical filter - Revised SPPT, removed cloud saturation adjustment from tendency perturbations

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