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White Christmas? ☃️🎄

- What can we expect for the 2nd half of December? - The Euro weeklies run every 3 or 4 days and extend out 45 days. - The most recent run from 2 days ago is much colder than previous runs. - Not only is it colder, but it's showing increasingly colder than normal temperatures as we head from December 10th to the end of the month. - Only time will tell though! - I'll have a special post tomorrow early evening with what to expected in January and February. - The 1st to 5th images show the 5-day temperature anomaly from the ensemble mean for the following periods: - 1st image: Dec 10th to 15th - 2nd image: Dec 15th to 20th - 3rd image: Dec 20th to 25th - 4th image: Dec 25th to 30th - 5th image: Dec 30th to Jan 4th

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